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About Lucy


Lucy Skelton is a passionate and award-winning environmental and social justice advocate and lifelong Kew local. At only 20 years old, she has been a state coordinator with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, a Board Member of the Youth Coalition of the ACT and is the founder of the national youth advocacy platform the Student Voice Network. In 2018, she was highly Commended for the City of Yarra Local Hero Award and was one of the youngest people appointed to EarthEcho International’s Youth Leadership Council, which sent her to the United States to receive advocacy training.


In 2020, she led her team in the UN SDG Challenge to place 6th internationally and 1st in Australia on SDG 5 (Gender Equality) and was awarded Student of the Year with Environment Education Victoria all while completing Yr 12 VCE. She is an impressive fresh face that is passionate and ready to fight for and listen to the kew-munity.

Lucy’s message to Kew:


I am running because after years of being a climate change, gender equality and youth advocate, I know that politics has an unparalleled capacity for positive change. 


I used to sometimes look at the grandeur of these issues and feel scared and alone. However, as I came to understand these issues by listening to the experts and by getting involved in the Labor Party I knew that I could be a part of a team that was not only dedicated to solving these issues but that could deliver on them.


So when the opportunity to take that next step and run for parliament presented itself, as a lifelong Kew local, I knew this was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. 


As someone who is dedicated to using politics as an effective pathway for positive change, I will fight:


  1. For a secure climate future: 

As an advocate, I understand that the climate emergency is one of the greatest challenges confronting our generations and I am determined to drive meaningful action in this space that only a Labor Government can achieve.


  2. To address gender inequality 

Having already spoken with so many in our community, I know that gender equity is a top issue for many in our electorate. This includes rights at work, but also the protection and advocacy of people who have suffered sexual assault, with which I'm and so many of us are personally familiar. It means a lot to me that we see change in this area.

  3. Supporting our local schools

In the Kew electorate we alone have over 20 primary schools. I understand that education is a big driver that brings people to our community in the first place. These students are the future of our community and we must invest in them properly. 


Further, I want to highlight that young women can be taken seriously in political spaces. After going through my final years of high school and starting university through the pandemic, I know young people are disproportionately impacted by a range of issues. It is vital that we can have our voices heard not just in advisory groups or by being in the room but by having an equal seat at the table. As the saying goes, “no decisions about us without us”. 


I am not afraid of hard work and I am excited to build on the extensive achievements of the Andrews government. 


This is our opportunity to make history in Kew. Every door we knock, every conversation we have, is one step closer to ensuring that Kew has the representation it deserves.


I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail! 


Warm regards, 

Lucy Skelton 

Labor Candidate for Kew

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